About the Certificate


The Mother Studies certificate program provides a multi-disciplinarian forum for researchers, educators, service providers, and individuals to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about the institutional elements of motherhood.  Some of the areas of inspection will include the history, cross-cultural practices, and political influence of mothers as well as the communicative, psychological and anthropological factors that affect the lived experiences of women who are mothers and caregivers.  This program will serve to increase the understanding of motherhood in the realm of family relationships and meeting the needs of children as well as promoting the well-being of mothers, families and communities. Course work will explore the complicated evolution of the motherhood role to include non-biological mothers, same sex mothers, fathers, caregivers of all ages, ancestral mothering and family practices, the evolution of family, mothers and mothering around the world, mother art and culture and more recently the rise of the motherhood movement.

The program will be administrated through the Motherhood Foundation Inc., in collaboration with universities around the world and in partnership with one specific university (TBD).

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Mother Studies
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