Foundations of Mother Studies

Online course, taught by Martha Joy Rose; BFA, MA; Mother Studies
Phone: 207-504-3001
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Who Should Take This Class: This course is appropriate for all students, including college students, professionals, interested mothers, and para-academics (laypeople).  Materials are presented from an interdisciplinary perspective and are devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood. This class can also serve as a launching point for those hoping to write about motherhood. Those in need of publishing credits may also wish to submit to the Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS).

This course is offered online only. You may proceed at your own pace but, the course runs for six weeks (depending on your schedule). You may take your time to complete the materials presented here. Plan on a commitment of 4-6 hours a week and 6, 1+ hour videos with optional additional reading. There will be a final course evaluation.

Course Objectives:
To gain a greater understanding of the history, context, activism, and praxis of motherhood in the U.S.


This class is not graded in a traditional format. It is a certificate program only

– This is currently a certificate program only –
Grades are an indication of your effort and performance but are not part of an official transcript.

The Museum of Motherhood is not affiliated with any other institutions, nor is it accredited by any outside source. All of our professors are professionally degreed in their field and teach at a variety of academic institutions around the world.

Admission is on a rolling basis. The cost of participation is $250. Some scholarships available.

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