Who Should Take Mother Studies?


Overview: Mother Studies Certificate Program (MSCProgram.org):

The Mother Studies Certificate Program provides a multi-disciplinarian forum for researchers, educators, service providers, and individuals to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about the institutional as well as the auto-ethnographical elements of motherhood. 

Areas of study will include the history, cross-cultural practices, and political influence of mothers as well as the communicative, psychological and anthropological factors that affect the lived experiences of persons who are mothers and caregivers.  This program will serve to increase the understanding of motherhood in the realm of family relationships and meeting the needs of self and family as well as promoting the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Course work will explore the complicated evolution of the motherhood role to include non-biological mothers, same-sex mothers, non-binary persons, caregivers of all ages while connecting the past to ancestral mothering, women in history, and family practices, as well as the evolution of mothers and mothering, the evolution of family, mother art and culture, and most recently the rise of the motherhood movement.

This class provides valuable information to laypersons, students, and professionals such as nurses, teachers, social workers, and those engaged with families.

The Certificate Program currently has three modules:

  • Introduction to Feminism
  • Introduction to Mother Studies
  • The Founding Mothers
  • *Bonus – Auto-ethnography and M/otherhood: My Own Museum (MoM)

Each module is designed to take place over 4 weeks for a total of 12 classes.

You need not take this full course any particular order, but we recommend the order in which modules are listed. You may take one or all of the modules. However, in order to receive the Mother Studies Certificate you must complete all classes. This is a self-paced program. You will be tested on your knowledge during each module. Coursework is designed for learners of all ages and stages of life with the goal of furthering education on this ubiquitous and relevant subject.

We believe that a deeper understanding of feminism, family, women’s history, and care-work will lead to more informed and inspired lives. The program will be administrated through the Museum of Motherhood and it’s Florida-based 501c3 non-profit the MoM Art Annex.

Additionally, if you agree to participate, we may invite you to contribute auto-ethnographic content for installations in forthcoming Museum of Motherhood exhibits, conferences and programs, as well as invite you to present at the Annual Academic MoM Conference and associated Journal.

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